Manulife Cambodia’s Helmets for Families program delivers road safety knowledge to parents

February 19, 2016

Parents learn about road safety and how to protect their children at a Helmets for Families event

On February 19th, Manulife Cambodia, in association with AIP Foundation, sponsored road safety activities at Sothearos Primary School in Phnom Penh as part of the Helmets for Families initiative.

This follows a donation ceremony in December of 2015 at which Manulife provided 804 helmets to students, teachers, and parents. The ceremony was accompanied by workshops aimed at teaching parents proper helmet use and the importance of helmets for themselves and their children.

By coupling the ceremony with the workshops, AIP Foundation was able to reinforce the central role of helmets in road safety and encourage their consistent and proper use – a timely message given the Lunar New Year celebrations, when road crashes are frequent.

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