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Safety Delivered encourages students to wear motorcycle helmets as part of school uniforms

Nearly 720 primary school students and teachers at Chbar Amov 2 and Wat Mongkol Serei Kean Kleang Primary School in Phnom Penh received quality helmets and were encouraged to wear them as part of their school uniforms during the Safety Delivered 2019 kick-off event, implemented by AIP Foundation and supported by The UPS Foundation. The event aims to inspire young students to be role models in their community by promoting helmet use. Over the course of the 2019-2020 program, The UPS Foundation will donate more than 2,000 helmets to primary schools located in high-risk communities. 

Safety Delivered 2019-2020 targets high-risk schools in Myanmar, aiming to reach an additional 3,000 people

Following the success of the Safety Delivered program’s first year of implementation in Myanmar in between 2017-2018, 1,200 participants, including students, teachers, parents, and school representatives, attended the Safety Delivered helmet handover ceremony at School No. 13 in Chan Mya Thar Zi of the Mandalay Region in Myanmar, on December 19, 2019. Road traffic crashes continue to be one of the most fatal and costly public health problems in Myanmar, causing 17,452 crashes in 2018 that resulted in 5,184 deaths and 26,741 injuries, with motorcyclists making up the majority of fatalities at 45%.