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A national workshop to safeguard garment factory workers on their daily commutes hosted in Cambodia

In Cambodia, more than 700,000 workers commute to and from garment and footwear factories every day. In 2020, road crashes among garment and footwear factory workers accounted for over 55% of the total commuting workers involved in road crashes. This does not only impact the lives of workers, but also the lives of the 2 million family members they support.

To address these dangerous commuting conditions, the Transportation Working Group, a group of committed brands, buyers and stakeholders – established in 2016 to identify ways to improve transportation safety for factory workers – hosted a national workshop on the possibility to transition from trucks to safer vehicles. The workshop is part of the Prevention & Participation Program supported by VF Corporation and the Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers Program which is supported by USAID through the Solidarity Center.

Forum Held to Discuss Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers

As part of the Commuting Safety for Cambodian Workers (CSCW) program, funded by USAID through the Solidarity Centre, AIP Foundation hosted an Annual Media Forum the objective of which was to present evidence and recommendations to improve commuting safety for workers. This forum highlighted commuting safety issues to gain greater media coverage and public dissemination via diverse media platforms. Over 90 participants from the media sector, Government, trade unions, vehicle driver associations, and key stakeholders attended.