Leadership Council
Hon. Norman Y. Mineta (In Memoriam)
US Secretary of Transportation (Ret.)
Washington, D.C., USA
Lord George Robertson
Secretary General of NATO (Ret.) - British Member of Parliament
London, UK
Michelle Yeoh
Actress - UNDP Goodwill Ambassador
Geneva, Switzerland
Board of Advisors
Greig Craft
Founder & President
Hanoi, Vietnam
Hon. Tho Bella Dinh-Zarr, PhD, MPH
National Transportation Safety Board (Ret.)
Washington, D.C.
Dr. Martin Eichelberger, MD
Children’s Hospital
Washington D.C
Dr. Ricardo Martinez, MD
NHTSA - Administrator (Ret.)
Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Charles Mock, MD, PhD
Harbor View Injury Prevention Center
Seattle, Washington
Dr. Fred Rivara, MD
Harbor View Injury Prevention Center
Seattle, Washington
Dr. David Sleet, PhD, FAAHB
School of Public Public Health - San Diego State University - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Ret.)
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Dr. Terry Smith, PhD
Dynamic Research - Inc.
Torrance, California
Joseph S. Toole
Federal Highway Administration - U.S. Department of Transportation (Ret)
Washington, D.C.
Emer. Prof. David Wilmoth, PhD
Learning Cities International Pty Ltd
Sydney, Australia
Ratanawadee Winther
AIP Foundation Denmark Chairperson & AIP Foundation Thailand Chairperson
Copenhagen, Denmark
Benjamin Weber
Policy Analyst at the City and County of San Francisco’s Office of Labor Standards Enforcement.
Oakland, California
Board of Directors
Greig Craft
Founder & President
Hanoi, Vietnam
Hoang Thi Na Huong
Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Hanoi, Vietnam
Joey Ingegneri
Director Community Outreach - The Jim Click Automotive Group & Linkages Inc.
Tucson, Arizona
Tran Mai Anh
General Manager - Communications - Vietnam Airlines
Hanoi, Vietnam