Established in 1999, AIP Foundation has nearly 25 years of road safety experience in Asia and beyond. Through the years, we have worked with governments, corporations, foundations, and others to implement life-saving interventions and protect those most vulnerable to road crashes and their consequences. Along the way, we have created invaluable partnerships, received numerous awards, and saved thousands of lives and millions of dollars through our work.

Greig Craft establishes AIP Foundation in Vietnam.

Former United States President Bill Clinton launches Helmets for Kids – AIP Foundation’s first school-based program.

Vietnam adopts a child-specific helmet standard, though helmet wearing is not mandatory for all ages.

Protec helmet factory, AIP Foundation’s social enterprise in Hanoi, Vietnam, begins producing the world’s first ‘tropical’ motorcycle helmet.

AIP Foundation is selected to represent Safe Kids Worldwide as Safe Kids Vietnam.

A new traffic safety curriculum for primary schools is developed by AIP Foundation and adopted by the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training for nationwide implementation.

AIP Foundation conducts the first road treatments in schools zones in Vietnam.

AIP Foundation’s signature program Helmets for Kids expands to Thailand and Cambodia.

AIP Foundation becomes a member of the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC), providing input to reports by the UN Secretary General to the UN General Assembly.

The Vietnamese government passes Resolution 32, a mandatory helmet law for all motorcycle drivers and passengers. AIP Foundation’s advocacy campaign, “Wear a helmet. There are no excuses.” is credited with influencing the passing of the law.

Following the new mandatory helmet law, fatalities in Vietnam drop by 12% and injuries, including traumatic brain damage, drop by 24%.

AIP Foundation receives a Prince Michael of Kent Special International Award for Innovation.

Protec receives commendation from Hillary Clinton with the U.S. Secretary of State’s Award for Corporate Excellence.

Walk This Way is launched to promote pedestrian safety in Vietnam.

In collaboration with the FIA Foundation and the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, AIP Foundation establishes the Global Helmet Vaccine Initiative to “put a helmet on every head in the Decade of Action for Road Safety.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention begins its partnership with AIP Foundation to strengthen monitoring and evaluation methodologies for greater program effectiveness.

The Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative is launched to address the high injury and fatality rates among boda boda (motorcycle taxi) operators in Kampala.

AIP Foundation is invited to join the Clinton Global Initiative and announces a commitment to action.

Greig Craft is awarded the Vietnamese Friendship Medal, Vietnam’s highest civilian honor, and the Ministry of Transportation Medal.

The Cambodia National Road Safety Committee Chairman appoints AIP Foundation as a member of the Technical Working Group for Road Safety.

The Helmet Vaccine Initiative in Tanzania is launched.

AIP Foundation is appointed as a member of Thailand’s National Road Safety Directing Center sub-committee to advise on government road safety policies and actions.

AIP Foundation launches its program Walk Wise to increase pedestrian safety among school children in Chongqing Province, China.

In efforts to raise awareness around the dangers of speeding, AIP Foundation implements its first anti-speed campaign in Thailand.

Save the Children partners with AIP Foundation to establish a new child helmet wearing campaign in Thailand dubbed The 7% Project, referencing the country’s dangerously low helmet compliance rates.

Helmets for Families launches in Vietnam to promote family-wide helmet use, which includes a helmet exchange program for parents to trade in their sub-standard helmets for quality ones.

USAID and AIP Foundation partner to implement Head Safe. Helmet On. which aims at increasing passenger helmet use in Cambodia.

Deputy Prime Minister Sar Kheng presents Royal Order of Sahametrei Medals to AIP Foundation for their contribution to road safety efforts.

Cambodia approves the new Road Traffic Law mandating helmet use for all motorcycle passengers, including children.

The Vietnamese government launches the National Child Helmet Action Plan (NCHAP) to increase child helmet compliance across the country. AIP Foundation serves as the multi-sector collaboration coordinator, which brings together government departments, UN agencies, research bodies, philanthropies, corporations, and helmet manufacturers. The U.S. Department of State signs a Memorandum of Understanding with AIP Foundation to increase child helmet use across Vietnam.

During the Third UN Global Road Safety Week, AIP Foundation and Save the Children present 12,000 pledged signatures to the Governor of Bangkok calling for stricter helmet wearing policies.

AIP Foundation collects over 500,000 signatures for the #SaveKidsLives campaign which is credited with influencing decision makers. Consequently, The UN adopts its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which include two key road safety targets.

The Child Health Initiative is established in support of the UN SDGs and aims to provide children with safer journeys to school.

During U.S. President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Vietnam, AIP Foundation signs a commitment to tackle driver safety and distractions of young motorcycle riders. Safety Delivered is launched ten months later in Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam.

AIP Foundation commences truck driver training program and public awareness campaign addressing fatigue in Vietnam.

Vietnam celebrates the 10-year anniversary of its national helmet law. Since implementation, an estimated 500,000 head injuries and 15,000 fatalities have been avoided resulting in $3.5 billion USD saved in medical cost, lost output, and pain and suffering.

AIP Foundation starts collaboration with the garment industry in Cambodia to make commutes safer for factory workers – 80% of whom are female.

AIP Foundation joins the Star Rating for Schools partnership and pilots iRAP’s easy-to-use school zone assessment app in Vietnam.

The Automobile Association Vietnam (AAV) – a member of the FIA – is established and works with AIP Foundation to implement the #3500LIVES campaign, a public awareness campaign that emphasizes the fact that 3,500 people are killed on the world’s roads every day.

The Vietnamese government pledges to donate nearly 2 million helmets to all first-graders in Vietnam during the 2018-2019 school year.

The Vietnamese government adopts Circular 31, which calls for the removal of fixed speed limits. AIP Foundation’s Slow Zones, Safe Zones program, is credited to have influenced this legislative change.