What a Donation Can Do

An individual donation – whether large or small – can make a powerful impact in the fight to save lives on the world’s roads.


Buy a reflective jacket for an underprivileged child, increasing that child’s visibility as he or she walks to and from school and around the neighborhood, especially at night.


Provide a child from a high-risk traffic area with a helmet and traffic safety education, reducing his or her chance of injury by 69 percent and death by 42 percent in case of a crash.


Donate traffic safety handbooks to 200 students, equipping them with knowledge to become role models for a new generation of safer, smarter road users.


Hire a healthcare professional to hold an information session at a school, speaking to parents and the community about the importance of child helmet use.


Secure billboard space to share life-saving information with the public, informing them about the importance of road safety.


Fund a traffic safety training workshop for teachers at a school, providing them with innovative approaches to teaching 2,000 students about how to protect themselves from road traffic crash injuries and fatalities.

Ways of Giving

Online donations are a simple and secure way to support our work.

Support any of our initiatives via Network for Good

Support our child-based programs in Vietnam and Cambodia via GlobalGiving