Country Director of AIP Foundation in Thailand speaks to Rotary Club of Bangkapi on the ‘Helmet Vaccine’

September 30, 2014


AIP Foundation’s Country Director in Thailand, Mrs. Ratana Winther, spoke at a Rotary Club luncheon in Bangkok today about AIP Foundation’s efforts to save lives on the road through the Thailand Helmet Vaccine Initiative. Mrs. Winther informed the audience that road traffic crashes in Thailand alone kill more than 7 children a day and injure or disable many more, and that only 7% of the country’s children traveling as passengers on motorcycles wear helmets. Mrs. Winther then explained AIP Foundation’s efforts to identify the helmet as a uniquely affordable and effective “vaccine” against head injuries and fatalities on the road, and discussed different programs that AIP Foundation has developed to increase helmet use and prevent unnecessary fatalities and injuries.

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