AIP Foundation joins new task force to reduce motorcycle-related crashes in Thailand

June 21, 2018

DSC_7918 2In recognition of our expertise in two-wheeled vehicle safety, AIP Foundation was recently appointed to a new task force created by the Ministry of Transport to reduce motorcycle-related crashes in Thailand. The task force, which now comprises 33 members from multiple sectors, is charged with developing action plans for reducing motorcycle-related crashes which will be submitted to the government. The appointment comes at an opportune time as the Legal Development Program (LDP) will hold a legislative workshop on 19 July to discuss ways to improve two-wheeler safety.

Two-wheeler safety is one of the key issues being advocated for this year by the LDP, which aims to reduce road traffic injuries and fatalities through legislative improvement. We coordinate LDP activities in Thailand on behalf of the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety and the World Health Organization.

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