Young people are going on a mandatory lockdown demanding the right to safe roads

January 15, 2021

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam–January 15, 2021

What happens when young people are tired of being left out of decisions that will impact their future? A coalition of youth are taking action for safer mobility and championing youth participation in road safety declaring, “We are #ClaimingOurSpace!”

Road traffic injuries remain the leading cause of death for young people worldwide for over a decade, yet despite this fact, young people are often excluded from discussions around preventative measures. The Youth Coalition for Road Safety ran a digital campaign named, “Youth in lockdown,” to generate awareness and called on youth leaders to join the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety.

The campaign was based on the story of Alex, a young girl who shares her experience of going on a mandatory lockdown, not for the pandemic, but for the simple fact that she does not feel safe going out on the streets considering the loss of loved ones and the crisis that is negatively impacting her peers. Following the video, viewers are directed to where they can pledge their support by joining the Youth Coalition.

As a member of the Coalition, Minh Vo, Junior Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator at AIP Foundation, was selected to represent Asia to promote the campaign.

Watch the full video here.

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