Working towards safer school commutes in rural Vietnam with Prudential Vietnam

March 26, 2021

DAK LAK AND BAC GIANG PROVINCE, Vietnam—March 23-26, 2021

AIP Foundation identified two schools in Dak Lak and Bac Giang Provinces to take part in a series of events as part of the SAFE STEPS KIDS – Road Safety (SSK-RS) program, supported by Prudential Vietnam Assurance, Ltd., where more than 1,600 students participated.

The event series takes an interactive approach to road safety education, which included various play-based “edutainment” activities. Activities included dancing and trivia in road safety themes: Helmet Safety and Pedestrian Safety. Students were given real traffic situations where they needed to recall defensive road user skills they learned from previous safety education events under the SSK-RS Program. The Program was not just ambitious in providing children with road safety skills, but a key element of the program was to further develop each child’s confidence by encouraging each student to actively take part in training and activities.

“It’s been such a pleasure to partner with teachers and Prudential Vietnam to deliver educational activities outside of the classroom setting. This form of education has been an effective way to get students engaged and excited—it’s evident in their big, bright smiles,” Mrs. Giang Nguyen, Program Manager proudly shared.

SAFE STEPS KIDS (SSK) is a multi-platform public service program created by Prudence Foundation, in partnership with International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Cartoon Network. Since 2020, the SSK – Road Safety program has been implemented in Vietnam alongside AIP Foundation. By organizing awareness campaigns, teacher trainings, safety education workshops, and modifications of school zone infrastructures, students are provided a safer commute to and from school.

To view more photos from the events, please click here.

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