Working together during the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021 – 2030: Local Government, Chevron and AIP Foundation join forces to safeguard students

March 11, 2024

SONGKHLA, Thailand – March 11, 2024

Mr. Somnuek Promkhieo, Governor of Songkhla Province, chaired the meeting of the Songkhla Provincial Road Safety Administration Center Committee with Ms. Sunaree Bunchup, Head of the Songkhla Provincial Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office. AIP Foundation was delighted to attend to represent the work that we have been carrying out in Songkhla Province.

The inaugural meeting addressed pressing safety concerns stemming from a recent car crash involving students and teachers in Songkhla Province. The incident led to the tragic loss of life. Immediate measures have been initiated by government authorities to address the immediate aftermath. However, long-term solutions are imperative, necessitating preventive actions to avert future crashes. Collaborative efforts among relevant agencies are crucial for ongoing supervision and ensuring safety protocols are upheld.

The meeting then went on to present operational outcomes in road accident prevention and law enforcement for 2023 and January-February 2024 by the Songkhla Provincial Public Health Office at the Songkhla Provincial Hall. It reported and analyzed fatalities from road crashes using three databases. Compared to the 2023 average, it identified a decline in the road accident death rate, addressing traffic congestion and reducing railway-road intersection accidents.

Following the meeting with the provincial government, AIP Foundation and representatives from Chevron met to discuss the implementation and updates of the Chevron Street Wise program. This included 12 master teachers from the program in Singhanakhon District who joined together to brainstorm and shape the workplan activities for the next phase of the Chevron Street Wise Program. This year, the program will focus on aligning with the provincial government’s policy measures for schools, including helmet-wearing for all students, safe driving behavior, road safety education, and utilizing media to increase community awareness of road safety.

AIP Foundation has been working to promote safe, equitable, and sustainable mobility in Songkhla province, Thailand, for 10 years with the Chevron Street Wise program. We are proud to work together with Chevron Thailand to reduce the number of road injuries and fatalities by 50% by 2030, as set out by the Second Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030.

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