Walk Wise program reaches out to under-served children on summer holiday

July 20, 2016

Walk Wise pedestrian road safety kids
Children in Kai County display the pedestrian safety knowledge they gained during the recent Walk Wise volunteer initiative.

Over the past three years, AIP Foundation has consistently delivered quality road safety education to schools throughout Kai County as part of the Walk Wise project. This month, however, the program partnered with local nonprofit Chongqing Youth Aid Volunteer Organization to focus their efforts on children from previously overlooked and under-served communities, including those from low-income families.

A group of sixteen volunteers made the journey to remote areas of the county during the hottest season of the year to educate children who had stayed in their local communities over the summer holiday. The volunteers, who engaged the children with interactive games and videos, saw firsthand that their knowledge of road safety was poor and that they were not receiving consistent road safety education in the context of their schooling. The volunteers hope to ultimately reach 100 students through these efforts and work towards raising the road safety knowledge of the entire community.

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