Walk Wise measures program implementation at 17 schools in Nanba

June 27, 2019

Students participate in knowledge test to evaluate road safety curriculum.

Our pedestrian safety program, Walk Wise, successfully completed its year-end review of two of our program schools. Xiaba Primary school and Tahe Center School were chosen as a sample schools to represent and evaluate all 17 program reviewed against a variety of criteria in order to measure their progress over the past year. Walk Wise is sponsored by Chevron and brings pedestrian safety to the community through improving educator engagement, aligning stakeholder interests, expanding road treatment efforts, and continuing to raise public awareness. This included knowledge tests of participating students, video observations of students to assess pedestrian safety behavior, and focus groups with with teachers, students, and school administrators. The focus groups were conducted by Sichuan Agricultural University and the the final evaluation report will be coordinated by the Xuanhan Natural Gas Office and other stakeholders. Feedback from the schools and community stakeholders will help us improve next year’s road safety classes and build capacity for stakeholders.

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