Walk Wise kicks off summer with community outreach to promote child safety during school break

July 23, 2019

AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise pedestrian safety program, supported by Chevron, successfully launched its first community outreach event of the summer in Tiantai Township, with over 300 community members in attendance. Representatives from the Xuanhan Traffic Police department and the local government came together to deliver important road safety education messages to children and local community members. One local government representative provided introductory remarks for the event and a traffic police officer presented on several road safety cases involving nearby communities to residents in attendance. Children and community members also enjoyed participating in the main activity of the event, a traffic safety game where each participant received a gift featuring a road safety message. 

Due to the higher risk of traffic crashes involving children during their summer vacation, Walk Wise is actively planning to carry out several community outreach events in the coming weeks. In order to address the increased vulnerability of students during the summertime, an issue which has caught the attention of numerous road safety stakeholders, Walk Wise will engage with five communities and expects to deliver critical road safety messages to 2,000 residents in communities with its target schools. 

View more pictures from the community outreach event here.

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