Walk Wise hosts training workshops for over 300 teachers

December 13, 2018

A group of teachers collaborating at a training workshop.

As part of the Walk Wise program, the AIP Foundation China team worked with the education department in Nanba Town to organize five workshops for 312 primary and middle school teachers in order to provide them with road safety education training and curricula.

With the support of Mr. Li, a consultant and facilitator from Southwest University China, AIP Foundation staff conducted these training workshops to emphasize 1) the importance of delivering road safety education; 2) what is road safety education; and 3) how to conduct road safety education.

At the training workshops, information about Walk Wise was provided in addition to real-world examples of traffic crashes in China’s recent history and road safety education practices in other countries. Teachers were encouraged to integrate road safety education into their lesson plans proactively.

Interactive games and activities were played to facilitate the training as well as to give teachers opportunity to connect, think actively, and apply road safety education into their own teaching. AIP Foundation also shared road safety educational materials including a teacher’s handbook and other materials. With these training workshops conducted, AIP Foundation will monitor road safety education at each of Walk Wise‘s program schools and provide support where needed.

View more photos from the training workshops here.

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