Walk Wise empowers teachers to bring pedestrian safety education into the classroom

April 21, 2018

Participants in Walk Wise's capacity-building workshop pose for a group photo.
Participants in Walk Wise’s capacity-building workshop pose for a group photo.

As part of our Walk Wise pedestrian safety program in Nanba Township of Sichuan Province, China, 19 teachers from Shengdeng and Kunchi Middle Schools participated in a workshop designed to build their capacity to carry out road safety educational programming in their classrooms. The workshop was facilitated by an expert from Southwest University in China, who has experience in road safety curriculum development.

During the training, teachers observed the traffic situation in Nanba Township, compiling their observations into a map outlining dangerous areas of the city for road safety. The participants also discussed how the curriculum would be structured and set targets to measure success. In the upcoming months, the teachers will transfer what they learned to the classroom. Walk Wise is projected to reach 3,279 middle school students in Nanba Township with its pedestrian safety educational programming by the end of November.

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