Walk Wise convenes community stakeholders for new school zone modification plan

March 23, 2018

Nanba China Environmental Modifications
A participant in the stakeholder workshop presents plans for school zone environmental modifications.

Walk Wise, our pedestrian safety program sponsored by Chevron, convened community stakeholders to develop an implementation plan for environmental modifications at schools in Nanba County, China. The workshop drew upon the expertise of stakeholders for the project planning process, including an analysis of the current road safety situation in the project school zones, a profile of road users in Nanba County, etc. We contributed our guidelines and recommendations for environmental modifications in school zones.

Workshop participants included the vice principal and the safety director for each project school, two representatives from the Nanba township government, two local police officers, and two representatives from Xuanhan Natural Gas Office. In addition, two representatives from the Kaizhou District Tongchuang Social Service Center, another organization implementing road safety education initiatives in the region, also joined to offer their insights. In total, 16 local stakeholders, three AIP Foundation Cina staff, and a consultant took part in the workshop

View more photos from the stakeholder workshop here

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