Walk Wise celebrates UN Global Road Safety Week in Nanba

May 8, 2019

Dee Bourbon of Chevron with students of Nanba No. 1 Primary School at the celebration event.

To celebrate the fifth UN Global Road Safety Week, AIP Foundation’s Walk Wise program organized a public awareness event for the community at Nanba No. 1 Primary School. 55 representatives from AIP Foundation, Xuanhan County, Chevron, and other stakeholder groups as well as 1600 students attended the event.

To kick off the event, students gave a performance with tips and information about road safety. Following this Mr. Qin, the principal of Nanba No. 1 Primary School, spoke about the importance of leadership for road safety of this year’s UN Global Road Safety Week. Students then performed a play with additional information about road safety in China. Additional speeches were given by AIP Foundation CEO Mirjam Sidik and Chevron’s Ms. Tai Jinmei on the successes of the Walk Wise program in improving road safety in Nanba. Lastly, Mr. Wang, Vice Mayor of Xuanhan County, gave a speech thanking the contributions of Chevron and AIP Foundation and noted that there remains much to do and that all stakeholders must continue to work together to improve the road safety situation in Xuanhan County.

To conclude the celebration, an award ceremony was organized for students who participated in creating road safety artwork for UN Global Road Safety Week. One hundred and twenty-one pieces of artwork from all 17 program schools were collected, and 26 finalists were awarded and exhibited at the celebration event. Following the awards, students played road safety games to reinforce their knowledge and the themes of UN Global Road Safety Week.

In addition to this celebration, Walk Wise organized a series of activities to celebrate UN Global Road Safety Week. All 17 schools participated in a “walking school bus” where students learn about traffic safety firsthand on the roads.

See more photos from the celebration event here.

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