Walk Wise aims to create safer school zones during congested dismissal hour

April 6, 2016

Parents consult road safety materials provided by AIP Foundation staff during the workshop.
Parents consult road safety materials provided by AIP Foundation staff during the workshop.

The Walk Wise program, which aims to bring issues of pedestrian safety into the public discourse and educate community members to be safer road users, recently began targeted efforts to manage traffic congestion around school zones during dismissal hours. The first step in this process started with a parent workshop at Hanfeng No.6 Primary School.The Principal of the school, Mr. Liao, the Vice Principal, Mr. Wu, the Safety Director, Mr. Zhang, and eight members of the Parents’ Committee were in attendance at the workshop.

In his remarks during the gathering, Mr. Liao encouraged parents to volunteer in helping manage the school zones during dismissal and promoting safe traffic behaviors among their children. With over 3,400 students enrolled at Hanfeng No.6 Primary School, there are a great number of parents invested in making sure the school zone is orderly, and these parents, if willing to volunteer of their time, can greatly contribute to the safety of their communities.

At the workshop, AIP Foundation’s China staff introduced a road safety system to the gathered parents and discussed inherent traffic hazards. Every parent in attendance also enrolled themselves to become volunteers at the school. Moving forward, the working group of school principals, safety directors, parents, and AIP Foundation will conduct traffic observations, identify traffic hazards, and draft action plans.

Walk Wise is an initiative of AIP Foundation in partnership with the Kai County Education Committee and Kai County Traffic & Patrol Brigade and sponsored by Chevron Asia Pacific Exploration and Production Company.

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