Walk This Way installs school zone modifications at four schools in Ho Chi Minh City

January 23, 2019

A newly installed refuge island in front of Pham Van Chi Primary School in District 6.

As part of its mission to make schools in Ho Chi Minh City safer for pedestrians and road users, Walk This Way installed school zone modifications at four schools in the city to make them safer and more accessible for all.

Of the 37 program schools, these four schools were selected based on their school zone needs. Ket Doan Primary School in District 1 is located on a narrow street that lacks a proper sidewalk. Mach Kiem Hung Secondary School in District 5 faces heavy and speedy traffic. Hung Vuong Primary School and Pham Van Chi Primary Schools in District 6 need refuge islands for pedestrians to safely cross the road.

In addition to installing sidewalks, yellow warning lights, and refuge islands, basic elements of a safe school zone such as school zone signs, pedestrian crossing signs, and slow down markings were also equipped where deemed deficient by AIP Foundation and the school boards. Additionally, raised crosswalks were installed to reduce speed of passing vehicles; this is the first time raised crosswalks have been installed at school zones in Ho Chi Minh City.

AIP Foundation has collaborated with the Ho Chi Minh City Traffic Safety Committee, Transportation Department, and Urban Transportation Management Area 1 since July 2018 to survey pilot schools and organize meetings for discussion with relevant stakeholders in order to proceed with these school zone modifications. With the pilot modifications of these four schools, Walk This Way seeks to set a precedent and expand its programming to other schools.

View more photos of the modifications here.

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