VUFO New Year’s Conference brings together international ambassadors and foreign NGOs in Vietnam

January 16, 2020

VUFO, The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, organized a New Year’s gathering in celebrating of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam, with participation of 300 delegates from foreign NGOs and other representatives, including Ambassadors, diplomatic corps, and relevant parties from international organizations. Delegates participating in the event included the Vice Chairman of the National Assembly, Uong Chu Luu; Palestinian Ambassador to Vietnam, Head of the Diplomatic Corps, Saadi Salama; and VUFO President, Nguyen Phuong Nga, together with leaders of central agencies.

VUFO President, Nguyen Phuong Nga, expressed her belief that, based on the momentum of the effective cooperation over the years, 2020 will mark many significant events of Vietnam and VUFO. VUFO will do its best to enhance the effectiveness of cooperation, contributing to the robust development of Vietnam, as well as promoting peace, friendship, cooperation and development in the world.

National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu congratulated VUFO and COMINGO (The Committee for Foreign NGO Affairs) on the achievements of the past year and extended sincere thanks for international friends’ support and assistance for Vietnam in the recent years, especially in reducing poverty, tackling social issues, protecting the environment, responding to climate change, supporting disadvantaged people, and postwar recovery.

Greig Craft, President of AIP Foundation, was invited to deliver a speech on behalf of all 1,200 foreign NGOs currently in Vietnam. “It is gratifying to watch the progress of the nation, and especially VUFO and COMINGO. Your care and compassion for the people of Vietnam is laudable and inspiring. We pledge our support and commitment to VUFO and its leadership,” Craft said.

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