UPS Volunteers and AIP Foundation kick off Safety Delivered 2019-2020 in Thailand

November 29, 2019

In celebration of AIP Foundation’s Safety Delivered program, more than 500 attendees, including volunteers from UPS (NYSE: UPS), students, parents, school officials, and local stakeholders from 12 program schools attended a program kick-off ceremony at Ban Bangkapi School in Bangkok, Thailand to promote awareness for road safety.

At the kick-off event, 500 helmets were distributed to students in attendance, with a total 5,000 helmets to be donated by The UPS Foundation to students in high-risk areas in Bangkok, Thailand during Safety Delivered 2019-2020, with the aim of reducing students’ vulnerability on the roads.

For the event, UPS volunteers also engaged by training students on various aspects of helmet safety, including proper size and fit, and further reinforcing the students’ understanding of the importance of helmet use and of safe road behavior through interactive road safety games.

Representatives from AIP Foundation; the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation, Ministry of Interior (DDPM); Department of Education, Bangkok; Royal Thai Police; and Ban Bangkapi School were also in attendance to demonstrate their support for promoting awareness of the safety of children on roads in Thailand.

Supported by UPS and The UPS Foundation, Safety Delivered is a program by the AIP Foundation that works with young, inexperienced motorcycle riders in Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Philippines and India, to educate and eliminate distracted riding behaviour, as well as increase helmet use among children.

See more photos of the event here.

Read the full press release on the kick-off ceremony here.

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