UPS staff join over 1,000 students and teachers for visit to new program school

November 7, 2017

UPS Safety Delivered school visit November 2017
Students practice the proper steps for wearing a helmet at the Safety Delivered School Visit.

UPS staff volunteers joined over 1,000 students and teachers from Tran Van On Primary School for a school visit organized by Safety Delivered, a new regional road safety program supported by The UPS Foundation. The school visit began with a donation of over 800 quality motorcycle helmets to students of Tran Van On Primary School. Following the helmet handover ceremony, the UPS staff volunteers reinforced the students’ road safety knowledge through interactive games and instruction of correct helmet-wearing technique. Safety Delivered works with young, inexperienced motorcycle drivers to improve their distracted driving behaviors while also working to increase child helmet use.

Safety Delivered, which will be implemented in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar, will vary its activities among countries. Activities will include quality motorcycle helmet distribution and education at primary schools, public awareness campaigns, and university-based road safety education.  Over the next two years, the program will donate a total of 17,000 quality motorcycle helmets to school children in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, with 9,000 of those motorcycle helmets allocated for distribution at target schools in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

View more photos from the event here.

Read the full press release here.

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