UHVI ‘Wear a helmet’ campaign visible on the roads

September 17, 2014


Throughout 2013, AIP Foundation’s media campaign in Uganda focused on the cost of head injuries. This year, the 2014 Uganda Helmet Vaccine Initiative (UHVI) ‘Wear a Helmet’ Campaign has been developed with the objective of empowering boda boda operators by addressing their safety as a matter of personal and national development. This year, the UHVI campaign is endorsed by a leading celebrity musician in Uganda, Bobi Wine, who has worked with UHVI in the past. Recently, a billboard was erected in Kampala that includes Mr. Bobi Wine and tells onlookers to wear a helmet. The media campaign also includes radio commercials in addition to outdoor media and is part of a bigger program that will feature safety workshops, distribution of helmets, and advocacy efforts. The campaign, supported by CrossRoads, UK AID, and the European Union, will run for four months.

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