Translating UN Global Road Safety Week’s #Love30 campaign through art

May 14, 2021

PLEIKU CITY, Vietnam—May 14, 2021

As the world celebrated the 6th UN Global Road Safety Week, students, teachers, and local community officials across 31 different schools in Pleiku City joined forces. The UN Global Road Safety Week is an opportunity for the world to call on policymakers at local and national levels around the globe to act for low-speed streets to enhance road safety.

In Pleiku City, students, teachers, and community officials participated in two main activities to pledge their support for livable streets. Notable attendees of the event from local government included Mr. Vo Ngoc Quang, Vice Chief Secretariat of Gia Lai TSC, Mr. Luu Dinh Canh, Deputy Director of Pleiku Police Department, Mrs. Le Thi Kim Thoa, Deputy Director of Pleiku Bureau of Education and Training, and Mrs. Truong Thi Cam Dung, member of the Technical and Strategic Steering Committee.

To celebrate the event, students and teachers at Vo Thi Sau participated in a drawing contest to illustrate “my safe road to school.” Students tapped into their creative side and painted their streets for life. This was a remarkable day where all students of all ages raised their voices with colors and paintbrushes calling to action for 30 km/h school zones.

In addition, all 31 program schools throughout Pleiku City installed billboards to share their support for safer streets and were displayed in front of the school gates aimed at calling on local community members to get involved and campaign for reduced speed when passing the school zones. Not only does a 30 km/h speed limit in urban areas prioritize the well-being of children and youth, but it also creates safe, healthy, green, and liveable cities.

The exciting drawing contest and the billboards were funded by FIA, Global Alliance, Fondation Botnar, and Global Road Safety Partnership.

To view more photos from the event, please click here.

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