Three target schools in Mandalay region selected for Safety Delivered Phase II, 2019-2020

August 22, 2019

Following the success of AIP Foundation‘s Safety Delivered program in Myanmar in 2018, the program began Phase II in partnership with the Mandalay Region Education Office, supported by the UPS Foundation, to deliver school-based helmet safety programs between April 2019 and December 2020. Three target schools have been selected for program implementation.

No. (32) Basic Education High School and No. (20) Affiliate of Basic Education High School in Pyi Gyi Dagon Township have been selected for program implementation in 2019, and programs at No. (13) Affiliate of Basic Education High School in Chan Mya Thar Zi Township will be implemented in 2020.

Key activities will include conducting training sessions for all school teachers on helmet fitting and proper helmet use by children, providing 3,000 helmets to students and teachers over the two-year program period, leading helmet handover ceremonies, and conducting research for pre- and post-intervention analysis.

Through a preventive approach that targets youth at earlier stages of life, the program aims to equip young drivers with skills that will influence the remainder of their adolescence and continue into their adult life.

Safety Delivered aims to reduce road crash injuries and fatalities among vulnerable motorcyclists including child passengers and young, novice drivers through three mutually reinforcing components: university-based campaigns, public awareness campaigns, and helmet distribution and education. The helmet distribution and education (HDE) component involves the distribution of helmets to primary school students and teachers and the implementation of educational activities to build students’ capacity to engage with road safety issues, including distracted driving.

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