Thai PBS reporters join Legal Development Program members for media workshops

August 17, 2016

LDP 16-17 August 2016 Workshops
Legal Development Program members prepare to participate in a media simulation.

Two Thai PBS reporters, Hathairat Phaholtap and Darin Klong-Akara, joined members of the Legal Development Program (LDP) during the second Media for Policy Influence workshop. The event was hosted as part of a project supported by the World Health Organization and the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety. LDP members participated in media simulations, crafted messages, and gave each other feedback on content promoting seat belt use, safer public transportation, and imposing stricter driver’s license laws.

The event was followed by a creative communications workshop the next day that taught participants the basics of public communications tools including social media, photography, and graphic design. The LDP program aims to provide members with the tools to use the media to advocate for road safety legislation and policy changes.

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