Street Wise launches road safety parade and educational activities at schools in Thailand

February 28, 2020

21-28 February 2020, Songkhla Province, Thailand

With the aim of enforcing safer journeys for students to and from school, Street Wise in Thailand launched various road crash prevention education and awareness-raising activities at program schools across Songkhla Province in Thailand.

At one program school in Songkhla Province, students and teachers participated in a road safety parade on February 25, after a day where students engaged in extracurricular activities and learned how to stay safe on the road, including the proper steps to wear a helmet correctly, and understanding information on street signs to ensure their safe crossing. Students at Wichianchom School prepared campaign signboards for the parade and walked 1 kilometer around the school in the neighboring community, with the support and guidance of their principal and teachers. The road safety parade marked a collective school-wide effort to bring the importance of student and child road safety to light.

At four other program schools in the province, Street Wise Thailand also coordinated a series of children and road safety, reaching 749 students at Wat Premsatta School, Ban Hua Khao School, Wat Bor Sub School, and Ban Khao Daeng school in Singhanakhon District.

For the road safety events, students participated in risky road simulation exercises offered by facilitators from Honda Road Simulation. The simulation exercises were designed to help the children learn how to stay safe on the road, how to wear a helmet properly, and how to cross the road safely. Representatives from the Songkhla Provincial Land Transport Office offered bicycle training to the students and other stakeholders were also present to support the children in their learning during the educational activities, including representatives from the provincial Land Transport Office, Police Station, and provincial Public Health Office.

The road safety parade and school-based educational activities are a part of Phase IV of the Street Wise program, supported by Chevron Thailand.

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