Stakeholders’ meeting reflects on Walk Wise program and looks to future improvements

March 25, 2016

Gathered stakeholders from various schools come together to share their experiences as part of the Walk Wise program.

AIP Foundation recently held a Phase 4 stakeholder meeting for its Walk Wise program in Kai County, China. Principals and school safety officers from 20 project schools were in attendance at the meeting, which aimed to review the program’s previous successes while also looking at what could be revised.

Mr. Li, an official from the Kai County Education Committee, gave the introductory speech, in which he conveyed his thanks to AIP Foundation for providing road safety curriculum and yellow caps to protect the schools’ students. This education, he said, had gone a long way in improving the behaviors of the students.

AIP Foundation’s China Manager, Xiaoyan Xu, acknowledged that even the parents’ road behaviors were changing as a result of this type of educational intervention.

At the meeting, AIP Foundation China staff also introduced the School Zone Traffic Modification Manual and application. These tools will help project schools modify traffic conditions in the area surrounding their campuses. In addition, Taiyuan Primary School and Baiquan Primary School also gave speeches that chronicled the Walk Wise implementation they had overseen.

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