Stakeholders in Thailand work together to increase child helmet use

July 7, 2015

teachers at arrb training
Teachers in Thailand attend a training on helmet law and helmet-wearing guidelines

A stakeholder meeting was held regarding the Helmets for Kids project at Prathom Taveetha Pisek School in Bangkok. AIP Foundation met with police officers, teacher coordinators, traffic police, and educational officers to introduce upcoming activities and discuss their involvement with the project. Participants agreed to work closely together to increase helmet wearing rates among students.

That same day, 33 teachers of Prathom Taveetha Pisek School received a training on helmet law as part of the project. Topics covered included how to maintain the proper condition of helmets, and how to wear them correctly. Teachers discussed their roles and responsibilities under Helmets for Kids throughout the upcoming year and the ways in which they will put into use the materials and teaching aids distributed during the training.

Support for the project is provided by ARRB Group, one of Australia’s most trusted road safety advisors, in collaboration with the Matilda Bay and Srapathum Rotary Clubs.



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