Stakeholders evaluate Cambodia’s road safety progress at annual conference

December 13, 2018

Stakeholders gather to discuss Cambodia’s progress towards its road safety goals

AIP Foundation and the Coalition for Road Safety (CRY) convened an annual conference on road safety with support and participation of the National Road Safety Committee (NRSC) and National Police. The conference was supported by Manulife Cambodia, Cambodia Airports, Royal Cambodian Limousine Service, Chip Mong Insee, Forte Insurance, Canhomes, and Mercedes Benz. The conference was attended by over 350 delegates from the government and private sector. Conference participants exchanged knowledge and discussed practical strategies to achieve Cambodia’s road safety goals in support of the WHO Decade of Action for Road Safety.

The conference highlighted Cambodia’s “Eight Pillars” of road safety using discussion and information sessions to outline current interventions, recommendations and current progress toward Cambodia’s road safety targets. The ‘Eight Pillars’ of road safety include: safe road users; safe infrastructure; better road safety management; safer vehicles, improved emergency medical assistance, law amendment and enforcement, expansive driver licensing and management, and evaluation of passenger and goods transport services.

The NRSC led a discussion with stakeholders on effective strategies to encourage government institutions, civil society organizations, private sector, youth, and the public to take joint and robust action to reduce and prevent road crash deaths and injuries. Senior government representatives who spoke included H.E Sun Chanthol, Senior Minister, Minister of Public Works and Transport and Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Road Safety Committee.

Please see more photos from the conference here

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