Spirits deliver helmet safety message on Cambodian TV

August 15, 2015

AIP FoundationThumbnailHSHOCommercial
Spirits show the public that helmet-wearing can be life-saving.

Over the last four months, AIP Foundation’s TV commercial promoting helmet-wearing has reached 94% of the national population, over 11.9 million people. Additionally, 83.9% of target audiences – namely, males and females aged 16 to 45 – have seen the commercial at least 3 times within the four-month period.

In the commercial, a spirit father and daughter give helmets to an unprotected family on a motorcycle. It is made clear that the spirits had been killed in a crash while not wearing their helmets.

The tagline of the ad drives home a live-saving message: “Protect your passengers’ lives. Make sure they wear helmets.”

To view the TVC click here.

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