Slow Zones Safe Zones hosts school zone safety information session for parents in Pleiku

January 13, 2019

Parents receiving safety information at the session.

Nearly 2,000 parents of students from Phan Dang Luu and Nguyen Luong Bang primary schools in Pleiku joined a school zone safety information session with the Bureau of Education and Training of Pleiku City, the Gia Lai Traffic Safety Committee, and the People’s Police Academy (PPA).

During the information session, experts from the PPA explained the importance of speed reduction when driving around and through school zones. They also provided information about what parents should do to enhance child safety in school zones such as slowing down and giving way to pedestrians among other safety guidelines. At the end of the session, parents were given fans with school zone safety information on them as practical reminders of the knowledge gained.

See more photos from the information session here.

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