School administrators working towards safer journeys for students in Vietnam

October 10, 2020

DAK LAK PROVINCE, Vietnam—October 10, 2020


With over 90% of students either taken to school on motorbikes or walking to school, students in Dak Lak Province face challenges on their commute to school. Many schools are located along the National Highway No.14, a road with high-density traffic resulting in dangerous journeys for students. In order to increase traffic safety knowledge and skills among primary school students, the SAFE STEPS KIDS – Road Safety program was implemented in Dak Lak by empowering school administrators with tools and resources to educate their students.


SAFE STEPS KIDS (SSK) is a multi-platform public service program created by Prudence Foundation, in partnership with International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), and Cartoon Network. The SSK program was implemented in Vietnam through AIP Foundation and will run into the next year. By organizing awareness campaigns, teacher trainings, safety education workshops, and modifications of school zone infrastructures, students are exposed to less risks on their commutes.


“Prudential is committed to reducing the challenges students face on their commutes. Besides its business activities, Prudential has been initiating, sponsoring, and contributing to meaningful social activities. By supporting for the community focusing on three areas: Education, Health and Safety, we hope to create a healthier and more prosperous life for the people of Vietnam,” Ms. Luong Thanh Thu, CSR Project Team Lead from Prudential Vietnam, shared.


The event included an overview of traffic safety globally and specifically in Vietnam, an outline of the SSK Road Safety program for 2020-2021, training on updated laws and regulations on helmet use and pedestrian safety, identifying helmets that met safety standards, reviewing proper helmet use with practice sessions, and the role of teachers as beneficiaries and as facilitators of the program.


To view photos from the event, please click here.

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