Safety Delivered volunteers promote child helmet use in Hanoi

October 17, 2018

Students adjusting their helmets in accordance to the 3 rules of wearing a helmet correctly

AIP Foundation held a helmet handover ceremony at Thanh Tri Primary School, Hanoi sponsored by The UPS Foundation as part of its Safety Delivered program. UPS employees in Vietnam kicked off the company’s annual Global Volunteer Month (GVM) with road safety demonstrations at Thanh Tri Primary School in Hanoi. The event took place at the start of the 2018-19 school year and aimed to raise safety awareness among students, with a special focus on helmet use. UPS volunteers and youth ambassadors for road safety (YARS) from Hanoi University and Cong Nghiep University helped the students wear their helmets correctly in accordance to AIP Foundation’s three steps. The event concluded with a donation from The UPS Foundation of 1,400 quality motorcycle helmets to the students.

AIP Foundation coordinated the event with The UPS Foundation, UPS Vietnam, the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC), the Ministry of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training, Hanoi Traffic Safety Department and Hanoi traffic police. Important representatives from each organization attending including: the Deputy Chief of Secretariat from NTSC, the Deputy CEO from AIP Foundation, representatives from Hanoi TSC, as well as members of the Hanoi Traffic Police, Hoang Mai Women Association, Thanh Tri Ward’s People Committee, and UPS Vietnam.

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