Safety Delivered PSA alerts parents in Vietnam with the message, “Love your child, provide a helmet.”

August 26, 2019

AIP Foundation is leveraging the influence of social media channels to spread messages on the importance of safe driving behavior and helmet use to parents and communities nationwide in Vietnam for its Safety Delivered program. In August, AIP Foundation aired a PSA titled, “Đội mũ cho con, trọn tình cha mẹ” (meaning: “Love your child, provide a helmet”) on its Vietnamese Safety Delivered Facebook fanpage, reaching over 2,000 views in just two weeks. The thirty-second PSA encourages parents to consider the potential message they could be sending their child if they do not enforce helmet wearing, and aims to influence safe behaviors of parents and their children in the future.

Just last month, AIP Foundation received approval from the National Traffic Safety Committee to begin the second phase of Safety Delivered. From 2019 to 2020, Safety Delivered is set to reach a total of more than 10,500 students and teachers in Vietnam. Through the Safety Delivered program, students and teachers will receive free or subsidized helmets, in addition to road safety education and awareness raising programs for communities.

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