Safety Delivered Phase II will reach 5,000 university students in Phnom Penh

August 21, 2019

AIP Foundation met with local university leadership to discuss its helmet safety and education programs, including Safety Delivered and Young Ambassadors for Road Safety (YARS), in order to select five target universities for future program intervention. With the support of The UPS Foundation, Safety Delivered will reach 5,000 students over the next two years as part of Phase II of the program in 2019-2020.

Safety Delivered aims to reduce road crash injuries and fatalities among vulnerable motorcyclists, including child passengers and young, novice drivers through three mutually reinforcing components: university-based campaigns, public awareness campaigns, and helmet distribution and education. The university-based campaign (UBC) draws upon the influence that university representatives have with their peers to improve driving behaviors of young people at universities in target areas.

University representatives will also attend a Training of Trainers (ToT) program where they will receive specialized coaching on peer education. The students will work in a coordinated effort to facilitate youth road safety education, distribute educational materials, and impart information contained in the driving skills toolkit to their peers.

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