Safety Delivered helmets handover ceremony to save lives of students in the Philippines

June 21, 2022

MANILA, Philippines – June 21, 2022

Everyone has the right to go to school to learn and build their future. This is why safe mobility and easy commuting to school are at the heart of everyone’s access to education. Sadly, our children are one of the most vulnerable road users. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults (5-29 years old) globally. In the Philippines, not every student enjoys equal safety on his/her way to and from school.

As part of the growing legacy of Safety Delivered, supported by The UPS Foundation and in cooperation with the Automobile Association Philippines and Department of Education Mandaluyong, AIP Foundation will be hosting a helmet handover ceremony for students from Filemon P. Javier and Dona Basilisa Yangco Elementary Schools.

Importance of road safety education

Ms. Tessa Santos, Community Involvement Committee (CIC) Executive Sponsor, UPS Philippines, shared “Collaboration is at the heart of sustainable change in our society and positive impact for a brighter future. UPS and The UPS Foundation are very proud to be at the forefront of safe mobility in the Philippines, together with reliable and committed partners. The alarming low helmet-wearing rate among students highlights the urgent need for preventive action to fight this public health crisis that disproportionately affects young people.”

Among surveyed students – at Filemon P. Javier and Dona Basilisa Yangco schools – who travel by bicycle or other two/three-wheeled motorized vehicles, the number of students who do not own a helmet is 76.7% and 71.4% respectively. Among those who own or have access to a helmet, the number reported to always wear helmets when commuting to and from school is 46.8% and 51.1% respectively.

Helmets can save lives!

Helmets are a uniquely affordable and effective protection against head injuries on the road. Wearing a quality helmet can reduce the risk of death by 42% and the risk of serious brain injury by 69%. The helmet handover will promote community awareness of the life-saving importance of increasing child helmet use. As the students, their parents, and school administrators will be attending the ceremony, this event is a good way to raise road safety awareness among the school community. Parents will share their commitment to ensuring their child’s safety by signing a commitment letter vowing that their child will wear a helmet.

Mr. Mark F. Desales, Chief Executive Officer, Automobile Association Philippines, shared “It is very important that helmet safety education reaches students and their communities in the Philippines. Supporting Safety Delivered program marks our commitment to encourage all road users in the Philippines to wear helmets on the roads by promoting meaningful behavior”.

About Safety Delivered program

Safety Delivered is a program implemented by AIP Foundation to work with primary school students and motorcyclists in high-risk areas in India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam by reducing road crash injuries and fatalities among children and vulnerable road users through inclusive helmet distribution and education, combined with advocacy and awareness initiatives which target youth, community members, civil society, and governments to address high-risk road behaviors.


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