Safety Delivered Forum 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand, showcases the importance of prioritizing safe mobility in our cities

December 15, 2022

BANGKOK, Thailand – December 15, 2022

The legacy road safety program, Safety Delivered, supported by UPS and The UPS Foundation, comes to a close in Thailand this month after 10 successful years of making a difference for safer mobility. Reaching both young children and adults, it has built an ecosystem for sustainable change to better protect all road users from different communities across the country. At the heart of this program are the core values of collaboration and inclusivity, creating a more just and equitable future for the next generation.

Safety Delivered Forum 2022: Towards the future

In celebration of the achievements of the program this year, AIP Foundation is hosting the Safety Delivered Forum 2022 in Bangkok, Thailand. This forum presents a unique opportunity to showcase the summary of activities for this program year through project exhibitions. These will be divided into three categories, including a presentation of the modules of the traffic curriculum developed, a photo story corner featuring renowned social media influencers, and a ‘fresh from the field’ exhibition of the photos from the school activities throughout the year.

Critical need for safe mobility in Bangkok

On their daily commute to get an education, many children are at risk. Road crashes are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5-29 years globally. Bangkok, where project schools are located this year as part of the Safety Delivered program, has the most crashes in the Bangkok Metropolitan area. This represents a public health crisis that disproportionately affects young people the most. It highlights the urgent need for preventive action.

The Safety Delivered Forum 2022 aims to promote community awareness of the life-saving importance of increasing child safety on the roads in Thailand. The Safety Delivered program imparts lifelong skills on how to be attentive on the road to adapt and behave more safely. Education plays a crucial role in creating a new generation of road users that have the knowledge to act safer, ensuring the sustainable impact of the program. Inclusivity is at the heart of Safety Delivered in order to achieve the goals set out by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Introducing the Road Safety Learning Curriculum 2022

As part of the Safety Delivered program, a national road safety curriculum has been developed and introduced to students. The curriculum promotes knowledge, understanding, and correct road survival attitudes for children and youth aged 13-15 who do not yet possess a driver’s license. These youths still drive and are often taught how to do so by family members. At the Safety Delivered Forum, key stakeholders will gather their feedback on how to integrate it into the main subjects taught at school.

The road safety learning curriculum taught among young people aged 13 – 15 years of age is different from other training courses in that it focuses on learning management with a roadside survival attitude. It focuses on the practice of safety skills so that learners have quality attitudes and behaviors on road safety. It also enables people to assess risks and dangers that may occur to themselves and others and know how to make decisions to avoid such risks and dangers on the road.

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