Safety Delivered brings road safety knowledge to four primary schools in Mandalay, Myanmar

September 16, 2018

AIP Foundation's Im Piseth demonstrates the three steps to correctly wearing a helmet
AIP Foundation’s Im Piseth demonstrates the three steps to correctly wearing a helmet

100 teachers from four target schools in the Mandalay Region of Myanmar attended Safety Delivered workshops held over two days. Training content included basic road safety knowledge, correct helmet use, promotional techniques and suggestions for class lessons. Discussions also covered possible difficulties that could be encountered during implementation and methods for finding solutions to deal with problems that could develop. Teachers who attended the workshops left with confidence in their abilities to organize extra-curricular activities for their own classes. The importance of road safety education was agreed upon by those attending with all teachers expressing strong support for the continuation of the program. This final workshop concludes the teacher training in Mandalay for Safety Delivered 2018.

AIP Foundation began work in Myanmar for the UPS Foundation funded Safety Delivered program in December 2017. AIP Foundation’s Cambodia Country Director and School-based Program Manager traveled to Myanmar to meet with key officials of the Mandalay Region including the Deputy Director General of Mandalay Region Education Office. And, following final approval from the Chief Minister of the Mandalay Region, four target schools were selected for helmet distribution and education delivery.

Please view more photos from the trainings here

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