Safeguarding children in Vietnam: AIP Foundation hosts a workshop on the Child Restraint System for key agencies of road safety law reform

September 26, 2023

HANOI, Vietnam – September 26th, 2023

To ensure action is taken for safer mobility for young children across Vietnam, AIP Foundation, in collaboration with the National Traffic Safety Committee (NTSC) and CHD (Center for Health Consulting and Community Development), hosted a technical workshop for key Government agencies, the Ministry of Transport (MOT)and the Ministry of Public Security (MOPS). While these agencies are responsible for drafting the Road Traffic laws including the Law on Road Traffic Safety & Order and the Law on Road, the National Assembly Committees are responsible for verifying and reviewing the amendments to the Road Traffic Laws. The first review of the amendments to these two Road Traffic laws is taking place in October 2023 by the National Assembly.

The workshop aimed to provide technical information on the Child Restraint System (CRS) and the necessity of using CRS to protect children in cars. During the workshop, it was also proposed to include recommendations on CRS regulations in road safety policies. According to recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), children under 12 years old and under 150cm tall must be transported by CRS appropriately fitting the child’s age/height to best protect the child.

These key governmental agencies are in a unique position to enact long-term policy changes for safer mobility for all Vietnamese as part of the nationwide campaign on road traffic law reform in Vietnam, supported by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) and the Global Health Advocacy Incubator (GHAI).

A human-centered approach to safer mobility in Vietnam

To achieve the global target of reducing road injuries and fatalities by 50%, a human-centered approach to mobility – and above all, road safety – is mandatory for collaboration and behavioral change. The priority top five behavioral risk factors have been identified as drinking and driving, speed, helmet use, seatbelts, and child restraints.

In order to achieve the targets and goals outlined in the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, ensuring a more sustainable future for all, we must work together to ensure that action is taken to safeguard our people and planet. Joining the international community in the global movement to improve health and well-being around the world, Vietnam is inherently aligned with the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

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