Safe Walking Squads deliver smart driving tips to 40,000 parents

January 5, 2019

Safe Walking Squads greeting parents at the school gates.

More than 35 Safe Walking Squads comprised of trained university students visited 37 schools in Ho Chi Minh City to deliver pedestrian safety knowledge and smart driving tips to nearly 40,000 parents as part of the Walk This Way program supported by FedEx.

Additionally, the Safe Walking Squads handed out informational leaflets that contained information not only on smart driving tips, but also on five safe steps for crossing the road so that parents can remind their children these critical safety lessons.

The four smart driving tips to protect pedestrians are:

  1. Slow down while driving through school zones (recommended speed: 30km/h);
  2. Stop and make way for crossing pedestrians;
  3. Keep a safe distance with pedestrians where there is no sidewalk;
  4. Do not stop on pedestrian crossing areas.

At these parent meetings, the Safe Walking Squads visited every classroom at each school and reinforced parent knowledge of smart driving and safe walking through mini-games and interactive games.

View more photos from the parent meetings here.

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