Road safety workshop supporting ethnic minorities to develop safe road behaviors held in Vietnam

September 23, 2020


In a region where more than 98% of the population are ethnic minorities and 70% of the population is living in poverty, the Helmets for Kids (HFK) program organized a workshop as part of its program launch in Tuyen Quang province, Vietnam. The workshop provided an overview of road safety in both Vietnam and the world, introduced the HFK program to the community, and delivered an interactive training session to school administrators, teachers and some parent representatives.

The workshop, hosted by AIP Foundation and Tuyen Quang Traffic Safety Committee, included an intensive teacher training session to prepare teachers to introduce road safety components into the curriculum throughout the school year.  The training addressed updated laws and regulations on helmet use, the importance of helmet use and how to identify helmets that meet safety standards, proper helmet use with practice sessions, and the important role that teachers play as both beneficiaries and facilitators of the project. 

Lam Binh district boasts beautiful scenery, but the journey to and from school can be difficult and dangerous. The Helmets for Kids program, supported by Johnson & Johnson, will work with 8 primary schools in Lam Binh district, Tuyen Quang province to deliver nearly 2,200 helmets to students over the 2020-2021 school year. This outreach work in Tuyen Quang province marks the eighth target area in Vietnam that Johnson & Johnson’s HFK project has supported. 

To view pictures from the workshop, please click here.

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