Road safety media campaign targets youth returning home for Vietnamese New Year

February 2, 2018

One of the interactive GIFs disseminated as part of the Safety Delivered media campaign.
One of the interactive GIFs disseminated as part of our Safety Delivered media campaign.

A new Facebook media campaign launched by our Safety Delivered program is targeting youth in Vietnam with messages to keep them safe on the roads as they return home for Tet, the country’s Lunar New Year and most important holiday. The campaign shares tips and traffic law information from our road safety educational pamphlet in various interactive formats, including infographics, GIFs, and games in order to best engage with the target audience.

The holiday period is a particularly dangerous time of year on Vietnam’s roads, with the country seeing a spike in road crash injuries and fatalities every year around Tet. Many youth in Vietnam also live far from home due to work and school and return home by motorcycle to celebrate the holiday with family. The campaign aims to build their knowledge of traffic laws and driving techniques in order to keep them safe.

The campaign launched in December 2017 and will run until mid February 2018.

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