Road safety experts discuss new research on the causes of crashes at seminar hosted by Thai police

February 28, 2017

LDP Road Crash Seminar Royal Thai Police Bangkok
The Police Education Bureau of the Royal Thai Police hosted the seminar on road crash causes in Bangkok.

Thatchawut Jardbandista, a member of AIP Foundation’s Legal Development Program (LDP), joined fellow road safety experts to discuss recent research examining causes of crashes during a seminar titled “The Awareness…Thailand Traffic.” During the meeting, which was hosted by the Police Education Bureau of the Royal Thai Police, Jardbandista talked about the circumstances surrounding a recent major crash involving a minivan and a pick-up truck that recently killed 25 people. The research discussed at the meeting also revealed that drunk driving is a leading cause of road crashes in the country.

The LDP is an international program of Bloomberg Philanthropies and the World Health Organization that aims to build the capacities of key stakeholders to advocate for stronger road safety legislation. AIP Foundation leads the initiative in Thailand, which has the second deadliest roads in the world.

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