Road safety expert from India meets with AIP Foundation on behalf of the United Nations

August 16, 2016

Dr. Rohit Baluja and AIP HCMC staff 16 August 2016
Dr. Rohit Baluja (center) and his wife, Sarita, are joined by AIP Foundation staff at the organization’s Ho Chi Minh City office.

Dr. Rohit Baluja, a road safety expert based in Delhi, India, met with AIP Foundation staff as part of an extensive research project he is completing on powered two-wheel vehicles in Southeast Asia for the United Nations. Before coming to Vietnam, he had met with universities, governments, and nonprofits in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Dr. Baluja’s research is focusing on the environments vehicles operate in, road user conditions, apparel including helmets, the vehicles themselves, and legislation addressing motorcycle usage.

Dr. Baluja is the President of the Institute for Road Traffic Education, a road safety nonprofit in Delhi, and the Director of the College of Traffic Management. The college offers training courses for traffic police and drivers in an effort to make India’s roads safer for all users.

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