Road safety and helmet use refresher training held for teachers from 18 Primary Schools

December 30, 2015

Teachers are trained on promoting helmet use among their students

Under the “Head Safe. Helmet On.” (HSHO) project, 500 teachers from 18 target Primary Schools participated in a vital road safety refresher training session that focused on how to promote helmet use among students, how to engage parents in road safety training, and how to increase student knowledge on road safety.

The session covered the benefits of correct helmet use and new passenger helmet law for families and the community, highlighting that an active role by teachers is important in ensuring students wear helmets every time they travel. Teachers shared their experiences and techniques on how to encourage students to always wear their helmets and how to disseminate road safety messages, especially with the upcoming new passenger law enforcement, to parents. Teachers committed to putting helmets on their students, no matter the distance or travel time, when riding on a motorcycle.

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