Road safety advocates learn fundamentals of academic, journalistic writing to enhance storytelling skills

June 13, 2017

Legal Development Program Journal Writing Workshop June 2017
Members of the Legal Development Program (LDP) and government representatives attend a writing workshop to enhance their storytelling skills.

As part of the Legal Development Program (LDP), road safety advocates learned about the fundamentals of academic and journalistic writing in order to enhance their abilities to tell stories about community issues. Members of the LDP, who have backgrounds in policy, law, and the media, were joined by representatives from government agencies during the workshop. Kannavee Kanitpong, manager of the Accident Centre of Thailand of the Asian Institute of Technology; Mathira Sutiwatananiti, a writer for Catalyst Asia Magazine; and Nichamon Thongphat, an LDP member and researcher at the Thailand Development Research Institute, led the sessions.

The LDP, which is led globally by the World Health Organization and the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, aims to build the capacities of legal, civil society, and media professionals to strengthen road safety legislation and enforcement. AIP Foundation coordinates LDP activities in Thailand.

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