AIP Foundation and Chevron: Transforming Lives of Students and Communities on the Roads in China 2011 – 2020

July 21, 2021

In response to the growing safety needs of China’s most vulnerable road users—and in support of the global movement to save lives on the world’s roads—Chevron partnered with international road safety non-profit organization, AIP Foundation, in 2011 to launch the Walk Wise program in the Kaizhou District of Chongqing Municipality.

Walk Wise has worked to build healthier communities through its nine-year journey of change and empowerment. Combining the influence of comprehensive road safety education, impactful investments in infrastructure, public awareness campaigns, and empowerment of its local partners, Walk Wise has changed the perceptions and attitudes of communities to save lives. Here is the story of how AIP Foundation and Chevron worked together to save one life at a time on the roads in China near the Chuandongbei (CDB) natural gas project.

Walk Wise Lookback Report 2011 – 2020

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