Research launches to provide practical solutions to address dangerous garment factory transport

April 23, 2021

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia—April 23, 2021

AIP Foundation officially launched the Feasibility Study for the Prevention & Participation program with the Center for Policy Studies. The Feasibility Study will examine and identify best methods and practices of transitioning from unsafe collective transport to safer alternatives.


Government representatives, unions, brand representatives, factory management, NGOS, private sectors, and stakeholders were in attendance.  As stakeholders in the safety of the garment and footwear factory workers, attendees provided their feedback and previous experiences to support the Feasibility Study and identify commuting solutions to replace the often-unsafe transport currently used. 


The Feasibility Study will serve as an awareness and advocacy tool for the public and government to improve road safety. It will analyze different options to improve existing vehicles or supply alternatives and provide practical advice on implementing the most feasible.  By gathering relevant evidence on existing and potential transport options and mechanisms, safer passenger vehicles such as vans, buses, or minivans can be organized for commuting factory workers.  

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