Public Awareness Campaign Phase 3 launches in Hanoi

September 22, 2013

ha noi pac 3 launch

On September 21st, 2013, the Ha Noi Traffic Safety Committee (TSC), Department of Education and Training, Police Department and Asia Injury Prevention (AIP) Foundation organized a workshop to summarize the implementation of phases I and II and to launch phase III of the “Children also need a helmet” campaign in Hanoi. The event included the signing of an agreement between the Department of Transportation, Department of Education and Training, Youth Union, and Department of Propaganda and Training regarding traffic safety in general and helmet wearing at school.

“Children also need a helmet” is a national campaign that was launched in 2011 by National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Education and Training and AIP Foundation. The goal of the campaign is to improve the rate of helmet use among children, correct parents’ misconceptions about helmet use among children, and increase awareness around road safety issues with the ultimate goal of reducing the number of traffic crash injuries and fatalities.

Phase III of the campaign in Hanoi will run from September to December 2013. The TV commercial “When I grow up” and documentary “In Retrospect” will continue to be broadcast on national and local media outlets. AIP Foundation will replace old billboards to encourage helmet use among children in the city and will install 68 new panels in primary schools, public places, and on buses. One Family day and three district-level information sessions and audio broadcasts will be conducted as models for other districts and schools carry to on these activities.

View the photos here and read the press release here.

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